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Students from Belfast Royal Academy took part in the BBC Practice News Day on Thursday 21st January. The day is aimed to promote the BBC News School Report project which is celebrating its tenth birthday this year. The work of the students was broadcast on a live feed during the day – and marked the project’s 10th anniversary with a special first – a live birthday greeting in Latin!

You can watch the greeting by click on the picture link below:


The idea came about after they put together a radio report asking whether studying the language was fading in popularity in schools today.

The students completed a Radio News Package and spent the day working with BBC journalists. They learned how to research, write, record and edit a six minute news story. At the end of the day, the students acquired an understanding of what is required to make a news report for radio.

You can listen to the full report on the Belfast Royal Academy BBC News School Report page.

B.R.A.’s BBC School News Report Webpage

Well done to all who took part and thanks to the BBC for such an enjoyable day.

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