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MUN is a role-play debating competition where the pupils (delegates) take on the position of their allocated country and argue the various resolutions in 6 committees, (mirroring the real UN) from their country’s point of view.  All committees are chaired by experienced pupils and adults/teachers have the role of Advisers only.

B.R.A. has entered delegations for the George Watson’s College MUN in Edinburgh since it first began 9 years ago.  The conference begins on Friday late afternoon and continues until late Sunday afternoon.  In this time delegates will lobby for support for resolutions they have written on the assigned topics for their committee, then debate according to correct parliamentary procedure with motions for and against and points of order, personal privilege etc.  It requires a great deal of preparation and research to master topics and present them from the point of view of one’s allocated country.  Each committee awards 3 Commended, 2 Highly Commended and 1 Best Delegate out of the 40 – 50 delegates in the committee.

The Academy’s delegation represented Norway.  The debating was of a high standard, and all our delegates had attended at least once before, so it was good to see them meeting up with delegates from other schools from England, Scotland, Iran, Denmark and Germany and renewing friendships from last year.  The Saturday night ceilidh with a great caller is always popular and the very proper be-suited young men and women in their MUN persona get a chance to be youngsters for the evening!

At the Awards ceremony we picked up 2 Commended Delegates (Oliver Allen and Isaac Jarman) and 1 Highly Commended Delegate (Conor Callaghan).  An impressive result!


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