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As part of Domino’s Community Engagement, the Deputy Manager, Ciaran, from the Antrim Road branch invited a small group of MVI pupils to take part in the Domino’s Pizza Tour.  Pupils learned about Domino’s history including its founders, the original concept and its growth strategy which has led to it becoming the UK’s leading pizza brand and a major player in the Republic of Ireland. This franchise holds the master franchise agreement to own, operate and franchise Domino’s stores in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.  Since opening the first Domino’s store in the UK in 1985, there are now over 1000 stores across the country and more than 35,000 team members. Last year, Dominos sold almost 90 million freshly handcrafted pizzas, including over 7 million of the UK’s favourite, Pepperoni Passion.

Pupils learned about how the supply chain and the use of technology plays an important role in every aspect of Domino’s success and that growth has been built thanks to its extensive branding and corporate social responsibility strategies. Ciaran also explained the logistics of operations management and the growing trend around home delivery services on offer.

Pupils got to make their own pizza whilst learning about Health and Safety regulations and strict hygiene controls.  It was a very enjoyable and informative event.  Thanks go to Ciaran and Regional Store Manager, Rob.



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