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Several teachers from Collège Dora Maar, Saint-Denis, visited the Academy this week. As part of our International School Award we plan, in March, to welcome 45 French students aged 12-13 from the Collège to Northern Ireland as part of an international school project. Some of our KS3 students will accompany them on their visit, and in preparation will exchange some letters with their French counterparts. We hope to have an afternoon in Portrush/Giant’s Causeway enjoying the North Coast.  And to help students interact effectively, the French teachers have devised various games and activities.

The school partnership will focus on the Northern Irish murals, and when the students go back to France they will create their own mural for their school. We think this could be a rewarding experience for everyone and we could all benefit from it in the long term through a junior exchange/language program with Collège Dora Maar.

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