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A team consisting of Oliver Scott (Form II), Theo Hayward (Form II), Summer Moreland (Form II) and Kaitlyn Toal (Form II) competed in the annual regional heat of the Kids’ Lit Quiz against 29 other teams from schools across Northern Ireland. This is the largest amount of teams to have ever competed in the regional heat. The quiz was held at Wellington College, Belfast. It lasted three hours and consisted of 100 book-related questions arranged in ten categories. Questions and categories were unknown to contestants in advance.

Known as ‘the sport of reading’ the Kids’ Lit Quiz encourages students to broaden their reading and creates an awareness of genre, authors and titles. The competition is designed to be huge fun, with an element of competition, personal challenge and reward that is seldom available to children whose passion is reading.

Examples of the type of questions asked include:

  • What colour was the Mercedes owned by Carlisle Cullen in the book ‘Twilight’?
  • What was Captain Hook’s pirate ship called?
  • What is the name of the Roman/Greek God of war?
  • What is the name of the main river of the underworld in Greek mythology?
  • What is the name given to a woman good at archery in Greek mythology?

The team from the Academy performed superbly throughout the competition. They were in joint 1st place with Friends’ School, Lisburn at the end of round 4. They were in 2nd place with Friends’ in 1st place only 1 point ahead by half-time. They were 2nd throughout most of the quiz and remained in the top 3 right up until the end of round 9. The team won round 4 and were awarded with a book each. They ended in 10th place overall. Scores were very tight at the top with only 12 points existing between B.R.A and the coveted 1st place position.

The 100+ contestants from the NI schools were asked spot questions. This provided opportunity for individuals to be awarded with prizes. Summer Moreland (Form II) won the question on mythical creatures at the end of round 4.  The School also won the audience prize at the end of round 5, with Mr Spence correctly answering a question on American presidency.

A team of five supporters consisting of Holly Strutt (Form II), Rhys Pollard (Form I), Emilia Zboralska (Form II), Eleanor Black (Form II) and Eleanor Green (Form II) enjoyed participating in the costume design competition.



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