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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Careers Department, with several events taking place to provide essential careers information and lifeskills advise to many of our students:


Barclays Lifeskills came into school on Monday 29th January and Friday 2nd February to  deliver a courses on Creativity & Idea Generation and the Impact of Non-verbal Communication.  Two Form IV classes were involved in the workshops outlined below:

What is creativity?

Helps students understand the link between creativity and enterprise and develops their understanding of creativity through exploring and generating ideas.

Putting creativity into action.

Building on activity one, this gives students the opportunity to practise using creativity through generating ideas and understanding the importance of being able to get your ideas across in a short and concise way.

Impact of non-verbal communication

Helps students recognise the impact of non-verbal communication and how it can be used to positive effect.

Pupils really enjoyed these workshops which were delivered in a fun and interactive manner.



Karen Hunter from Eye4Education came into school on Monday 5th February to run an event called Labour Market Information.  Form V pupils were given an insight into current labour market trends locally, nationally and globally.  Pupils completed a multi-intelligence test, as well as specific career profiling and drew up a personal budget based on selected careers.  Thirty pupils from St. Malachy’s joined us at this event.  It was very an informative and interactive event.



On Wednesday 7th February Eye4Education came into school to deliver a STE(A)M Carousel event. Companies seeking employees qualified in STE(A)M subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Maths) are reporting difficulty due to the low uptake of those courses by pupils in Northern Ireland at GCSE, A level and at University. The purpose of this STE(A)M Carousel was to increase the awareness among pupils of the reality of life in the business world with regard to having STE(A)M educational background by introducing them to a number of business professionals who have studied and worked in STE(A)M areas.

The project was targeted to engage with our Form III pupils in order for the pupils, prior to choosing their subjects for GCSE, to get an interactive and informative insight into current STE(A)M related careers especially within Northern Ireland.  Pupils from St Malachy’s were also in attendance.

Businesses involved:

  • Capita – Lisa McGuinness, Gerald McCusker (Marketing Executive), John Mailey (Application Hosting Engineer), David Porter (Application Hosting Engineer)
  • Belfast City Council – Aidan
  • BBC – Colin Regan
  • Royal Navy – Nigel Kane
  • PwC – Amy Kingston
  • Danske Bank – Mark Gilbert & Ciara Hamill

This was a very informative and interesting event.  Many thanks to all those involved.

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