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On the 6th March, seven of our LVI pupils joined over 250 young women at Titanic Belfast.  They attended this event alongside industry leaders at the annual International Women’s Day celebrations! This is the fifth time our pupils have attended the ‘Inspire’ celebrations which aim to inspire young women to unite together as sisters and press for progress around the world.

This year, pupils were introduced to UTV’s Denise Watson, Chief Executive, Judith Owens, engineer, scientist and performer Dr. Niamh Shaw, Mel Wiggins MBE and Abi Wells on behalf of Baobab Trust’s Woman to Woman Project. Each spoke to the pupils about ‘Sisterhood’, and encouraged the pupils to ‘Press for Progress’ to advance women’s potential worldwide, alongside the International Women’s Day theme worldwide.

The event was also supported by women from across the fields of business, community and creativity who gave their time to host the young women and be their mentors for the day.

During the conference pupils also had the opportunity to take part in a global ‘mentor walk’, where they could engage in informal and organic conversation with their industry mentors, learn more from each other and develop relationships which may last beyond the day.

Rachel and Emma said of the event: ‘The speakers talked about their personal experiences on how they became successful business women. They taught us ways of portraying ourselves as strong women and to strive for our goals. We then had a Q&A session where we had the chance to ask all the guest speakers any personal questions about their journey. We felt this event was very useful and beneficial as they told us behavioural guidelines that will benefit our future. We really enjoyed this event and would highly recommend it to others’.

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