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Further and Higher Education Talk

Mrs Nicola Davison from Northern Regional College came into school on the Tuesday 6th February to talk to our MVI pupils about Higher Education  options within the FE sector.  She also spoke to our Form V pupils on the Tuesday 20th February about all of the Further Education options available to them.  Both sessions  were very useful and informative as pupils had the opportunity to speak to both Nicola and our Careers Advisers, Thomas and Gerard, on a personal basis.  Many of our pupils sought answers to questions regarding courses that were of interest to them.  Many thanks to Nicola, a past pupil of our school.



Apprenticeships within Seetec

Aaron McNeill from Seetec came into school on the 7 March to speak to a group of our Form 5 pupils about Apprenticeships within Seetec.  Seetec is an experienced training provider which offers quality apprenticeship opportunities.  Seetec works with businesses, large and small, and has a deep  knowledge and understanding of many sectors.  The Department for the Economy has contracted Seetec to provide opportunities in Belfast to help apprentices qualify in their chosen profession.

Seetec offer a wide range of apprenticeships.  A number of examples include:

  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Social Media for Business
  • Digital Marketing
  • Logistics and Aviation Apprenticeships
  • Traffic Office
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Logistics Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Driving Goods Vehicles

Many thanks to Aaron for explaining these opportunities to our pupils.

Lifeskills Session on Online Reputation

Dervla Strong from Lifeskills was in school on Wednesday 7th March to speak to a group of Form V pupils about ‘Online Reputation and Privacy’.   It aimed to  help students understand what is meant by online reputation and why it is important, to help them understand how misusing social media can affect future education and job prospects and to show pupils how they can create and benefit from a positive digital footprint.  This was a fun and interactive session with a valuable message for our pupils.

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