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Last term, B.R.A. German students were supported in their language learning at AS/A2 with help from two student teachers from Leipzig University in association with NICILT and QUB. Verena Dellman and Theresa Braun were given a warm welcome by the German A Level pupils; both the student teachers and the pupils had a great time and learnt many things about language, life in Germany and life in Northern Ireland. Verena and Theresa emailed as follows:

“I had great fun during my internship at B.R.A. All the teachers and especially the students were incredibly nice to me and made me feel so welcome. From the first day on I felt like a full part of the team. Everybody seemed to trust my instincts and skills – a perfect opportunity to gain a lot of experience in teaching. I would come back to B.R.A. anytime! Thanks again for this fun, interesting and all in all great experience!”

“It was such a great experience at B.R.A., the students and teachers were all very welcoming. Especially the teaching was great fun, the students were all very determined and seemed to enjoy learning German. Have a great Easter time.”

We welcome among us Katharina Wahl from Saarbrucken University, who will support pupils learning German until the end of Summer Term.

Viel Glück, Katharina!

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