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On the 18th of May this year there will be 5 new pupils joining us here at the Academy. They’ve come from a very different primary school which specialises in early learning, and so they are joining us at the young age of 4 months. They are not the usual Academy pupil, since they are very hairy and each have 4 legs and a tail! English is not their first language. They are very keen to get moooo-ving onto the rugby pitches are Roughfort, but probably not to play rugby!

We are delighted to announce that our team have been successful in the ABP Angus Youth Challenge will see them receiving five Angus calves at the Balmoral Show in May. They will have to rear these calves and sell them to ABP at a net profit which can be shared amongst their group.  Quite against the odds, and certainly in a brilliant performance in the final round, they won over the judges with the concept of Cityfarming to bring home the calves.

On Thursday 12th April they attended a training day on food production at ABP headquarters in Newry. They were given a full walking tour of the factory to see meat processing and to see how meat is packaged for companies such as ASDA, buyers in Hong Kong and even Amazon (a new market on the M25 corridor).

The team, along with 3 other schools, will receive their calves at the Balmoral Show, when Paul Clarke from UTV will host a VIP award ceremony. For the next 18 months our team will rear the calves and further their project in the hope of winning a further £1000 for our school. On selling the calves the pupils receive the profit and the initial value of the calves (approximately £600 in total per calf).

This is certainly a first for the Academy and the pupils are very proud to have won this event.

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