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On Wednesday 2nd May, 32 Academy pupils visited the Odyssey Cinema to attend a special screening for three schools of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.  The Academy is delighted to have been one of the schools selected to attend the screening.  Each pupil got awarded with a cinema ticket, popcorn pack, bag of sweets and drink.

The Academy fosters a very strong link with Cinemagic through the B.R.A. INTO FILM Club.  We currently enjoy full access to a film catalogue of over 3000 titles through our working relationship.  The Academy recognises that the experience of film holds a unique place in the story of our civilisation.  It is an art, a language, a medium for education, inspiration, and so much more.

Through participating in film club, pupils have learned to look more deeply at why things happen and have developed their ability to communicate and back up an opinion. We recognise that film can be a gateway to exploring complex ideas and can open our pupil’s eyes to other ways of looking at the world.  It is hoped that the Academy Film Club is having a positive impact on our pupils’ literacy skills and their performance in lessons.

The club greatly encourages new friendships and fosters empathy.  Pupils greatly enjoyed their trip out to see the eagerly awaited Marvel ‘Avengers’ film.  Committed Academy film club members were joined by our top performing pupils at Accelerated Reader on the trip.  These pupils were awarded places to celebrate their industriousness and reading success. Our school library greatly believes in the symbiotic relationship between books and film.  The library continues to acknowledge this symbiosis through often showing films based upon books.  It had been lovely to celebrate reading success through film.

New members are always welcome to join the INTO FILM club.  Interested pupils should speak to either Mr Porter or Miss McAtamney.  We greatly anticipate hosting another great year of films in the 2018/19 academic year!

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