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“There But Not There” is the name of the 2018 Armistice project for the charity Remembered. The initiative is sponsored, among many others, by Sebastian Faulks, author of ‘Birdsong’, the hugely popular novel about World War One.

The exhibition consists of a series of metal and perspex silhouettes designed by the conceptual photographer, Martin Barraud. A version is currently being hosted by the Academy, with each of the perspex outlines representing one of the names of former pupils which appear on Rosamund Praeger’s war memorial in the foyer of the Crombie Building. Each outline is identified by a perspex plaque.

Among those named are Winifred du Mesnie Atkinson, a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse who died aged nineteen, and 2nd Lieutenant Terence Nesbit, who was just eighteen when he was killed.


Biographical information on all those who died was researched by former pupil, Vernon Clegg, and some of our photographs were taken by Stanley Robinson, also a former pupil.

The Belfast Telegraph ran an article on 10th May 2018 regarding the tribute:

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