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Belfast Royal Academy has launched its very first ‘Literary Journal’, a collection of work from the members of the B.R.A. Creative Writing Club. Contributors were asked to submit any form or genre of writing, including poems, flash fiction, short stories and even a Shakespearean monologue!

The booklet costs £1 and can be purchased in school from Miss Herron in LL10.


The Expressionist’s Realism

To wake up one morning,
Marching to the beat of one’s right hemisphere
Feeling Pablo Picasso abstract like a tilted frame to a perfectionist.

Watercolours splattered over the window; the downpour from last Starry Night
Left streaks of Monet pastel blues dish-washed by the Great Wave of Hokusai
One recreates The Scream in motion.

A hateful self-portrait due to one’s lost art
One shall lose an ear if tugged so awfully in distraught
Four walls without one canvas equals nought.

Within the glazed pages lie charcoal sketches in an eye’s abyss shade
No Mona Lisa, just Lisa
But with the charm of The Artist’s Garden
Painted with a palette of arterial red.

The Thinker thinks of following footprints;
To search so long all limbs feel dead
One’s cheeks to colour a deep cherry red
When one realises they left it back through The Gates of Hell.

I wish we were taught at The School of Athens
To look after one’s art folder
To not feel the excruciating pain,
Of the shades of one’s heart turning colder.

Eva Clarke 3SH2


My Island

I want to sail on an island,
Where hibiscus flowers grow,
And endless waters stretch beyond
The view of Venus and Mars.

Time stops on this island;
I am the only soul here.
My companions are retrievers beneath
Golden coats and lapping tongues,
Their ebullience contagious.

Among the vast redwood trees,
Hardy lavender and fragrant rose
Slumber by streams and logs.

When the sun begins to sink,
And Asteria awakens her children,
The sky is alight with dancing fire
And darkness is a

Brooke Storey 1CU2

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