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On Monday 25th June, the Art Department had a field visit from three members of the QFI (Qatar Foundation International), Connor Seidenschwarz, Rana Abdul-Aziz and
Denise Dobson. They viewed videos of the pupils’ oral and written work, as well as artwork of this year’s Form 1 Arabic and Art & Design programme of study, now in its fourth year of development.

The QFI team had the opportunity to meet with some of our Form 1 pupils to evaluate the programme of study. Our aim this year was to give pupils knowledge of the Arabic language, alphabet and Arabic numeracy with Ashgan Essa, our Arabic Language teacher. The pupils applied Islamic pattern inspired by the internet, focusing on the David Collection, Copenhagen Museum, the Beattie Museum, Dublin, and British Museum artefacts.


Small teacher-led workshops allowed all Form 1 pupils to experiment and create various art pieces based on their research of Arabic Culture and Islamic artwork. Each class had the opportunity to explore printmaking, ceramics, textiles, silk painting, foil embossing and Photoshop. The final group workshop outcomes have been put together to create three large wall panels, lanterns, cushions and black out blinds for the Sensory Room in the Learning Support Centre. We hope the success of the project will provide us with a fifth year of funding.

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