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Thanks to a kind donation from the CA Countryside Custodians, students at B.R.A. will now be able to recycle waste that was destined for landfill. Mrs Katherine McAdam gave a talk to the society about this innovative environmental initiative, which also helps to raise money for the pre-natal charity, ‘Kicks Count.’ Collected plastic will be used to make items such as space blankets and table tennis tables.

The following plastic items can be recycled via the ‘Big Bin’ in LL10:

  • Crisp bags
  • Sweet wrappers
  • Chocolate and biscuit wrappers
  • Toothpaste tubes
  • Bread bags (stretchy plastic)

Thank you to Mrs McAdam for today’s talk on sustainability. She will be giving a workshop on Tuesday 22nd October in LL10 to show students how to make reusable bags and dishwasher scrubs from old materials.

Please bring the following to the workshop:

  • 2 odd/old socks
  • Margarine tub
  • 8 clothes pegs
  • An old t-shirt

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