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On Thursday 16th June, a party of twelve Form I and II pupils travelled to ‘Narnia’, near the Mournes.  ‘Narnia’ is a complex of buildings run by the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children, and is designed to provide respite care for the families of children suffering from this disease.  The challenge of dealing with cancer is difficult enough in itself, without trying to run a family.  Similarly, being the sibling of a sick child can be marginalising, and so this local charity is a most worthwhile cause.

During the trip, pupils saw all the facilities, had a snack, did some drumming and even fitted in an ice-cream at Maude’s, so the day provided a welcome break from the academic rigours of school life.


On average, each year, the children of Forms I and II of Belfast Royal Academy (and their families!) give £3,500.  This is extremely generous and is greatly appreciated by the charity.  In recognition of this, Rachel Burgoyne, the charity’s Director of Fundraising, gave the Headmaster an engraved crystal ornament to mark the school’s contributions over the years.

However, the campaign continues…


While we were at Narnia, we were told that the centre’s large accommodation block, which is now outdated, is to be demolished and a new one built.  This, of course, will not be cheap.  It will cost around £2.5 million, and so in October, next year’s Forms I and II will be sat in the Louis Lord building, reading away for all they are worth in order to raise more money for this very worthwhile cause!

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