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On 4th October the B.R.A. group flew to Asturias in North West Spain where, after a very long, tiring day of travel, we were greeted by a shining sun and the friendly, familiar faces of our Spanish partners.  Although nervous at first, the pupils soon found that this beautiful, welcoming area of Spain has everything a Modern Language student could want – great weather, culture, history, shopping, nightlife and food, all whilst being immersed in the Spanish language!

The Spanish Exchange to Asturias was an invaluable experience which heightened the understanding of the language, as well as providing awareness of another culture, building confidence, providing the opportunity to make new friends and be involved in unforgettable, rewarding experiences.

In September, B.R.A. pupils had hosted the Spanish pupils.  Eleven Spanish pupils, accompanied by 2 members of staff, Caridad and Dioni, spent an enjoyable week in Northern Ireland.  Our visitors stayed with pupils’ families and enjoyed a range of activities and visits, including a reception by Sammy Wilson MEP at Stormont.  They were also warmly received at City Hall by the Lord Mayor of Belfast.  And even the inclement weather in the Province did not seem to deter their enjoyment!

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