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During the summer, Georgia Sloan (Form LVl) was selected to be part of a British Exploring Society arctic expedition.  She spent an amazing five weeks with the team, based in Finnmark, Norway.  During her time on the expedition, Georgia had the opportunity to trek to an ice cap, learn more about marine biology, carry out river sampling in the glacier, and much more.  She had to live on her own for 24 hours with no watch or mobile phone and there was 24 hours of daylight.  Georgia summed up her experience by saying, “I met some amazing people and I’ve made some life long friends.  I’ve experienced some amazing things and benefited from the expedition in so many ways, it’s really changed my perspective on things and has made me want to challenge myself more often.  It was an inspirational 5 weeks and I highly recommend that everyone should experience a trip like this.  I was inspired by a former pupil Gary Chivers, who gave a talk in assembly about his experiences on a previous expedition.”

If you are interested check out the website and fill out an application form.

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