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Donating to the Academy

You will find below information on some of the ways you can make a gift to the Academy. If you have any queries about any aspect of making a gift to the Academy Foundation or about alumni relations, contact the Bursar on 02890 750610 or

Belfast Royal Academy is a Registered Charity (No. XN45048) so it is possible (if you pay UK income tax) to increase the value of your donation to the school and to reduce your income tax liability at the same time, by the completion of the attached Gift Aid form.

If you are a higher rate taxpayer, (at either 40% or 50%), you can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax and the basic rate of 20% on the gross value of a donation made to the school. The example below shows the cost to a higher rate taxpayer of a gift of £100 to the Academy and the value of the gift to the school.

Tax rate 40% 50%
£ £
Donation 100.00 100.00
Gift Aid 25.00 25.00
Total value of the donation to the Academy 125.00 125.00
Amount which can be reclaimed by the donor 25.00 37.50
Cost to the donor of a donation of £100 £75.00 £62.50


Ways of donating to the Academy Foundation

Donations can make a significant difference to the lives of current and future pupils, helping to enhance their educational, sporting and cultural experience at the School. We warmly welcome gifts of any value and bequests to the Academy. Listed below are a number of ways in which donations can be made to the school. Every contribution makes a difference!

  1. By regular giving. By simply signing a direct debit form, you can make a monthly, quarterly or annual contribution to the school for an agreed number of years. We particularly welcome such donations, as they demonstrate your commitment to the school on an ongoing basis.  If you are a UK taxpayer, the completion of a Gift Aid form enables the school to reclaim a sum equal to the basic rate of income tax (and at a lower cost to you). For example, £1,000 per annum pledged for 3 years will bring £3,750 to the school but will cost a higher rate taxpayer £2,250.
  2. By single donations. These may be by way of cheque or cash. Please make cheques payable to Belfast Royal Academy.
  3. By payroll giving– If your employer operates a payroll giving scheme, any donation to the school is automatically deducted from your gross salary before you pay tax, so higher rate taxpayers need not remember to reclaim relief through self assessment.
  4. Company giving – Procedures have been streamlined to assist companies to reclaim tax on gifts to charities. The company simply pays a gross figure to the school and claims tax relief on charitable donations when preparing the corporation tax return.
  5. Corporate matching gifts – These are often available from corporations that match their employees’ contributions to charities such as the Academy.
  6. By donating shares – this is an attractive method of maximising the benefit of a donation to the school and minimising income and capital gains tax liability to the donor.
  7. By bequests – Legacies are one of the most important ways for alumni to ensure that the Academy continues to flourish in the years ahead. Any legacy bequeathed to the school will be used for the direct benefit of pupils of the school.