Belfast Royal Academy - founded 1785




Key Stage 3

The Junior school curriculum covers the four statuary attainment targets namely Number, Algebra, Shape Space and Measure and Processes. Pupils are taught the basic Mathematical skills which provide them with a solid foundation for GCSE study.


Pupils follow the CCEA specification which entails 100% written examination. Students are entered for Higher Tier modules T3 or T4 (45%) and T6 (55%) and all papers are taken at the end of Form V. The Heinemann and Collins texts are used to support the students’ learning. Each student has access to electronic copies of these textbooks to use throughout the year.


The great themes introduced in GCSE Further Mathematics are developed. Pupils cover a wide range of topics in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics and begin for the first time to get a feel for how the various branches of Mathematics fit together. The CEA specification is followed.