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Snapchat’s latest update automatically shares a User’s location on a map unless you turn it off.  To restrict the location, pinch the home screen, click the settings icon at the top right of your screen and select “Ghost Mode”.  This will make the User invisible to everyone.
Children are being sent sexually explicit chat on popular sites and

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Simsimi App Warning

We wish to inform you of an anonymous chat app called SimSimi which has been linked to cyberbullying. This is not a new app but it seems to be gaining popularity with many teenagers over the past few weeks. It has already been banned in the Republic of Ireland.

Link to an article in the Irish Times:

The most concerning feature about this app is that it would be possible to enter a question about a student using their name, class or even school and have a rude, insulting or inappropriate message generated about them once the question is asked within the app. This could be then screen shot shared, and posted throughout social media platforms causing further hurt and distress.

We advise that pupils remove this app from their devices immediately.

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