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Our School – Information for Parents & Pupils – Election of Parents to the Board of Governors

Dear Parent,

The term of office of Parent Governors expires on 31 January 2018.  In accordance with the Education & Libraries (NI) Order an election is to be held to determine the three parents who will hold office from 1 February 2018.

Both parents/guardians of each pupil attending the School are entitled to nominate candidates, to vote and stand for election.

Nomination forms may be downloaded by clicking on this link or a may be obtained from the Main School General Office or the Secretary, Ben Madigan Preparatory Department.

As you will note nomination forms must be returned to me not later than 3:30pm on 17 November 2017. Please put your nomination paper in a sealed envelope and address ‘FAO Head of Finance & Corporate Services’ and leave with the Main School General Office.

It may be necessary to hold a Ballot if there are more nominations received than places to be filled.

Yours faithfully,

The following information outlines details regarding the Election of Parent Governors.


  1. The Education & Libraries Order provides for the election of Parents to the Governing Body of the School.
  2. The Board of Governors is constituted as follows:
      • 15 Representative Governors elected by members of the Academy, one of whom shall be a parent;
      • 6 Governors nominated by the Head of the Department of Education;
      • 3 Governors elected by Teachers;
      • 3 Governors elected by Parents

    plus the Principal and Head of Finance & Corporate Services as non-voting members of the Board.

  3. Those so elected will serve for a four year term unless the election is to cover a casual vacancy in which case the person elected shall hold office only so long as the person in whose place he/she has been elected held the same.
  4. On taking up office, new Governors will be required to sign a Declaration of Acceptance of Membership of the Board.
  5. All Governors will be subject to the basic rule of Declared Interest. Any member of the Board who has, or might have, a personal interest, direct or indirect, in any matter under consideration or discussion must at once declare his or her interest to the Warden, Vice-Warden or Chairman and unless the Warden, Vice-Warden or Chairman otherwise directs, immediately leave the meeting during such consideration or discussion of such a matter.
  6. Nominations for election of Parent Governors are now invited on the nomination form which should be returned to me not later than 3:30pm on 17th NOVEMBER 2017.
  7. The election will be conducted electronically, with a hard copy nomination form required to be left with the school by the date noted above. If there are more nominations than places to be filled a ballot will be held.
  8. All Governors are required to comply with the provisions in the School’s Scheme of Management relating to the procedures and functions of the Board of Governors.