Belfast Royal Academy - founded 1785


Modern Languages – French


Key Stage 3

Pupils work through a variety of topics in the language and develop the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Pupils currently follow the CEA French specification. They take examinations in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The oral component is conducted and assessed by their teacher.


The CEA French specification is followed. Pupils cover a wide range of topics in the language and study a literary text and a film, as part of the course. They also attend Conversation Classes with the Language Assistant.

Language Assistant – Jessie Philippo

Hi, my name is Jessie Philippo. I am the new French language assistant for the year 2017-2018 at B.R.A. I was born and raised in Canada in the region of Montérégie, located in the province of Quebec (the francophone part of Canada). My parents are both Haitian. I have always dreamed of traveling, living an overseas experience and discovering a new culture. I am delighted to be able to live this dream in this charming country with the wonderful landscapes and lovely people that is Northern Ireland.

Over the past 5 years, after studying social work in college, I’ve had the opportunity to work in social services with youth, as well as adults. I did my internships in high schools, worked in a halfway house for offenders from federal penitentiaries and now in a drug rehabilitation center. At the moment, I am also a final year student at the Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Montreal. I am very interested in human behavior, counselling and social problems. I am also interested in teaching social sciences to young people, because I like the idea of being able to contribute to their development and the awakening of their critical thinking in relation to important subjects in our society.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to work in the language department at B.R.A. and to be able to share my culture and some of my experiences with the pupils in my mother tongue, which is French. It is a very fulfilling experience for me.

Language Assistant – Julie Dubois

My name is Julie Dubois. I am currently completing my internship at Belfast Royal Academy. I have completed my Bac (A-Levels) last year and by being here, I hope to improve my English and to help students with their French. I am enjoying my time in Belfast.