Belfast Royal Academy - founded 1785


Modern Languages – French


Key Stage 3

Pupils work through a variety of topics in the language and develop the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Pupils currently follow the CEA French specification. They take examinations in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The oral component is conducted and assessed by their teacher.


The CEA French specification is followed. Pupils cover a wide range of topics in the language and study a literary text and a film, as part of the course. They also attend Conversation Classes with the Language Assistant.

Language Assistant – Biemaya Bognini

Hello, my name is Biemaya and I am the new French language assistant in BRA. My mum is French (from Bordeaux) and my dad is from Burkina Faso (a country in West Africa where the national language is French.)

I have lived in Northern Ireland for the past 10 years, studying and working at the same time while enjoying the beautiful sceneries of the country. Living here has been an immense enrichment for me and it has considerably helped me to develop my language skills. I also gained valuable experiences both personally and professionally so I would definitely recommend a trip abroad to learn another language.

I have also recently completed a PGCE in modern languages with QUB and I am now delighted to have joined the language team in BRA where I have the opportunity to develop new skills, ideas and strategies. The language department is dynamic and very supportive so it is an honour for me to be part of it.

I love my job as a language assistant because I find it very rewarding. It allows me to be creative and work as a team with a variety of different people. I’m also very proud to be part of students’ learning journey as it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see their progress throughout the year.