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Government & Politics


We study the CCEA syllabus Government & Politics, which contains 2 modules in each Sixth Form year. In Lower 6th both modules are compulsory. In Middle 6th we choose to study the politics of the United States of America, looking at the Constitution and a study of the USA in comparison with the British system. With the USA so dominant in the media because of its power and influence in the world, studying American politics is important. We also choose to study the Philosophers to help our understanding of the concepts of socialism, conservatism and liberalism, important ideologies that have shaped, and continue to shape the policies of political parties.


  • Government and Politics of Northern Ireland
  • The British Political Process (Parliament, Prime Minister & cabinet, and Pressure Groups)


  • The US Constitution and a comparative study of the British and American systems of government
  • Political Philosophy & ideology: Burke (Conservatism), Mill (Liberalism) & Marx (Communism)