Belfast Royal Academy - founded 1785




Key Stage 3

All pupils in Forms 1 to 3 have one period per week of timetabled ICT. These classes are used to give the pupils a solid grounding in each of the main packages, e.g. Word Processing, Spreadsheets, DTP, Webpage Design and PowerPoint.


The specification is, as follows:

  • Unit 1: Tools and Applications – Communications Software, Presentation Package, Information Package, Spreadsheet Package. Assessed through Controlled Assessment (30%)
  • Unit 2: Using Multimedia and Games Technology – Using Graphics, Using Digital Video and Sound, Games Technology, Using Multimedia Assets. Assessed through Controlled Assessment (30%) – Pupils build a small website and produce a computer game.
  • Unit 3: Understanding ICT Systems in Everyday Life and its Implications for Individuals, Organisations, Society and the Wider World. This is the theory part! Assessed through a single 2 hour written paper (40%)


Pupils take one theory unit assessed by a written paper. This accounts for 50% of the assessment.
The remaining 50% consists of 2 pieces of coursework:

  • Design and build a website (25%)
  • A spreadsheet-based piece of coursework (25%)


Pupils take one theory unit which is 50% of the assessment. The remaining 50% consists of analysing and building a full database system.