Belfast Royal Academy - founded 1785




Key Stage 3

All junior pupils are taught Physics as a separate science by a specialist teacher.


Pupils study the CCEA GCSE Specification. This course is unitised, with pupils sitting examinations at the end of Form 5:

  • Unit 1: Force and Motion, Energy, Moments and Radioactivity – 35%
  • Unit 2: Waves, Sound and Light, Electricity, and the Earth and Universe – 40%
  • Unit 3: Practical Skills – 25%

Unit 3 is examined through a controlled assessment task, which is completed at the beginning of Form 5.

GCSE Revision Material


Pupils follow the CCEA specification. We regularly have fifty pupils studying Physics at AS level, with approximately 80% of these progressing to A2 level.

AS3/A23 Revision Material