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The School Library has been hosting its BIG BUMPER BOOK QUIZZES weekly since the return to school, with Junior pupils meeting during lunchtime to take part. The librarian devises questions on a wide range of topics and the pupils compete in groups of four. Some of the exciting rounds completed so far have included:

• Potions in Harry Potter
• Name the Fairytale
• Shakespeare
• Complete the title
• Reading the Roald Dahl Menu
• Christmas in books
• Songs in books
• Disney
• Dads in books
• War
• Animals in books
• Classics

Individual spot questions are also asked at the end of the rounds. Some examples of spot questions are:

• Which Hogwarts student has a first name that has a significant association to a dragon?
• What birds are used instead of mallets when Alice is playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?
• In Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, what does Violet do to help her think?

The quizzes have been sending much joy to junior pupils, at a time when this is so very crucial. The Librarian purchased special edition ‘Love Heart’ Swizzels sweets as prizes, as all profits from these bags go directly to the NHS. The specially branded NHS Love Hearts sweets feature messages such as, Thank You, My Hero, Be Kind and Smile. The message is focused on sharing the love, and at a time when this sentiment is more important than ever. The proceeds will be donated to a dedicated Intensive Care Unit research fund, part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, and will contribute to the continued research into COVID-19.

We’d like to give a big thanks to all NHS staff, working tirelessly on the front line to care for people in need, and to NHS support staff working behind the scenes, in the fight against coronavirus.

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