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These are just a few of the photos our Inktober 2020 journey in October, which saw many of our wonderful staff and students take part in the 4th running of the Inktober Art Challenge. For the month-long challenge we gathered at break-time each day to create an ink drawing based on daily prompt words such as ‘WISP’ and ‘HOPE’, but also to inspire and motivate each other, to be creative and have fun!

There was opportunity to try out traditional ink dip pens with ink wells to come up with some fantastic drawings that filled an entire wall in the Art Department and gain new positive drawing habits. All those who took part this year were awarded an Owl and Dip Pen pin badge to acknowledge the abundant creative energy they put into making the challenge so successful. This was our biggest year yet, with so many junior and senior students taking part, as well as some very talented staff members too!

Students came along every breaktime for the month of October to take part in the Inktober 2020 art challenge

We used a variety of inking tools including old style ink dipping pens

Students creatively creating their Inktober drawings

We covered an entire wall with our Junior Inktober drawings for the whole month

Staff Inktober sketchbook daily prompt drawings

Students and teachers who took part in the month long art challenge recieved an Owl and Dip Pen Inktober 2020 pin badge

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