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We’ve gone absolutely quiz mad at the school library!  They’re proving a fabulous way of bringing pupils together virtually during lockdown lunchtimes.

Four big Disney lockdown quizzes took place over the past fortnight, with lots of fabulous prizes up for grabs.  Canvas book bags of Disney characters were highly sought-after, as were die-cast metal collectors’ figurines of popular Disney characters (Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Kermit the Frog, Buzz Lightyear and the Cheshire Cat, to name just a few), along with magnetic music-themed bookmarks for our questions on The Music of Disney.

We also had our very own handmade Disney quiz mascot. This fabulous clay figurine of Stitch from Disney’s ‘Lilo and Stitch’ was made by Madhu Pandiaraj from Form 3.

Pupils received questions in many different formats.  Most popular were the picture and the cryptic clue rounds.  The cryptic clues certainly provided a linguistic workout, with double-meanings and wordplay taken to mind-bending new levels.

Why not challenge yourself to a sample of some of our Disney cryptic questions below? Each clue should lead you to the name of a Disney film.  Good luck!

  1. Mixed up scar
  2. Not scared
  3. Brick barrier and a vowel
  4. Change just one letter of this Disney title and you’re in a European city
  5. Ship-stealers from near Cuba
  6. The existence of an arthropod invertebrate




  1. Cars
  2. Brave
  3. Wall-e
  4. Mulan
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean
  6. A Bug’s Life
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