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Pupils revel in some chocolatey success!

It was a time for celebrations for Sarah Teague and Maya Campbell when they were announced winners of the Academy Library Easter Lockdown Quiz. Many fingers had been very busy submitting answers to clues, such as:

  • Clue:  9, 10, 11, 12                         Answer:  After 8
  • Clue: A dog                                     Answer: Yorkie
  • Clue: Garden flowers                      Answer: Roses
  • Clue: Big bus                                  Answer: Double Decker
  • Clue: Big cat pub                            Answer: Lion Bar

Many quality entries were received, and it would appear the clues didn’t pose a flake of bother to some. Sarah and Maya were the two smarties to answer all the clues correctly. We greatly hope they enjoyed getting to chomp and crunchie into their chocolate prizes.

Mrs Wilson, Mr Martin, and Ms Graham were the staff winners.

Well done to all participants and, of course, to our winners!

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