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Visit by Nigel Dodds, MP

The MP for North Belfast, Nigel Dodds, visited the school on Friday 22nd November to talk with A Level Politics students.  His visit came just at the end of Parliament Week and so he explained the varied role of an MP, working on constituency issues, party work and parliamentary business before answering students’ questions.  The range of topics discussed were: housing in north Belfast, Syria, flags, gay marriage and why people aren’t engaged with politics.  Afterwards, the North Belfast DUP Twitter account made reference to our well informed students!

We look forward to having more politicians in (from all sides) for our students to meet and discuss political issues with.

Politics Society Cinema Outing

The newly formed Politics Society had its first outing on Thursday night: a trip to the cinema to watch the ‘The Butler’.  The film tells of Cecil Gaines’ service as a butler to eight Presidents through the time of the civil rights movement.  The story was inspired by real life White House butler, Eugene Allen and the 2008 Washington Post article ‘A Butler Well Served by This Election’.  In this moving and dramatic film, students were struck by how much American society has changed: from Cecil Gaines’ early life as a sharecropper, living under segregation and Barack Obama’s election in 2009.

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