Belfast Royal Academy - founded 1785




Key Stage 3

At the Academy, pupils begin their study of History in Form 1 with a Connected Learning Project entitled ‘Who am I?’. This project involves the pupils reflecting on how their personal history has shaped their identities. Following this the pupils study the Normans in England and Ireland and the Reformation in Europe. The Form 2 course involves pupils studying a variety of topics including the Spanish Armada, the Ulster Plantation and the Williamite Wars. A Connected Learning Project on the Armada vessel, Girona, is conducted as part of the pupils’ work on the Spanish Armada. The Form 3 course consists of the study of the First World War and Ireland (1800-1921). The final element of the Form 3 course is a further Connected Learning Project on the History of Malawi.


Pupils follow the CCEA specification. In Form 4 the pupils study Germany (1918-1941) or the United States of America (1918-1941) and Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland (c. 1965-1985). In Form 5 The Cold War (1945-1991) is studied along with an investigative study on The Life and Death of President John F. Kennedy.


Pupils follow the CCEA specification and study Russia (1914-1941) and Germany (1919-1945).


Pupils follow the CCEA specification and study Ireland (1800-1900) and The Partition of Ireland (1900-1925).