Belfast Royal Academy - founded 1785


Modern Languages – Spanish


Key Stage 3

Academy students start Spanish in Form 2 through a Carousel programme for 16 weeks. They can then decide if they would formally like to study Spanish in Form 3.
In Form 3, we follow the ¡Viva! 1 course.


Pupils follow the CCEA Specification. They take examinations in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The oral component is conducted by their teacher.

Students are encouraged to learn independently and to utilise technology to enhance their learning.

The department uses ¡Viva! GCSE course.


We follow the CCEA Spanish specification. The AS exam is worth 40% of the final mark which is broken down into three components:

  • AS1 Speaking
  • AS2 Listening, Reading, Translation and Use of Language
  • AS3 Literature and Film

Pupils attend two conversations classes per week with the Spanish assistant.
Every year, we strive to have Spanish placement students with us to give students as many opportunities as possible to speak Spanish.

For the AS3 component of the examination, students study the film ‘Solas’ by Benito Zambrano.


Pupils continue with the CCEA course which will contribute to 60% of their final grade.

  • A21 Speaking
  • A22 Listening, Reading, Summary and Prose
  • A23 Literature

Students study ‘La casa de Bernarda Alba’ by Federico García Lorca.