Belfast Royal Academy - founded 1785


Our School – Values & Aims

Belfast Royal Academy exists to serve the interests of its pupils. It seeks to ensure that:

  • pupils are well taught and develop through their work self-discipline, self-confidence and a respect for knowledge: that they are well prepared for the requirements of tertiary education and employment.
  • pupils are afforded the opportunity, through participation in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, to establish their individuality, develop skills and interests and enjoy working successfully with others.
  • pupils are taught (or confirmed in) decent standards of behaviour: that they should have respect for others and be willing to accept responsibility both in school and in the community.
  • whatever their faith or social background, pupils are happy, with a proper sense of personal worth and achievement.

The School is a happy, stimulating and challenging environment, as is appropriate for the place where young people spend some of the most important years of their lives. Our ambition is to ensure that, by providing support, encouragement and inspiration, in the classroom and across a wide range of extra-curricular activities, each pupil fulfils his or her potential.

Those who wish to come, or to have their children educated here, share the value which we place upon an ethos which nurtures civility and mutual respect, a concern for others and an appreciation of diversity, a tradition which has allowed pupils from all religious and social backgrounds to work together in harmony for generations.

They value good teaching, of a sort which has enabled talented pupils of the School to achieve the top place in the Province, in Music, French, Business Studies, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, English Literature and Chemistry in the last three years: twice in the case of French, Chemistry and Business Studies.

They understand the value also of a wealth of extra-curricular opportunity: our pupils find confidence, make friends, have fun and face up to the challenges which forge maturity on the concert platform, in a kayak canoe on Lough Erne, in Malawi, playing into the rain at Roughfort or in the cramped seat of an ATC glider 2000 metres above the ground.

Such things make us what we are.

Former international cricketer and columnist for The Times, Ed Smith, once said “We should not try to sharpen the mind by narrowing it…”

At the Academy we try both to sharpen and to broaden the mind.