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Lukas, our German Erasmus teacher must return to the Universität des Saarlandes in Germany to finish his postgraduate course and become a teacher of English and Sport in Germany.  We wish him well.  We thank him for all his work in the Modern Language, English and PE departments.  He left us with some of his thoughts on being here for the past six months:

Dear all,

Unfortunately, my time at B.R.A. is coming to an end.  Before I came here I would not have imagined that I was going to have such a memorable time.

Besides teaching German conversation classes and being part of the German Department, with great teachers and wonderful students, my placement consisted of a great variety of tasks.

Actually getting the opportunity to work in PE and English, the subjects which I study in Germany to become teacher, was just amazing and cannot be taken for granted.

On Monday I had German classes with Jana, the German assistant, on Tuesdays I was with a Form One Pastoral class, which I also was allowed to teach.  This gave me a sense of being an actual teacher and was one of the most enriching experiences here.  Furthermore my participation and assistance in one of the Form four English classes and the TEFL class prepared me for my future career as an English teacher in Germany.  Helping pupils with English as their second language; helping them with the preparation for presentations and exams and seeing them making good progress simply reflects the values of being a teacher.

Being a part of the PE Department and having the permission to assist with and to hold sports lessons on my own was another good experience, which I am very thankful for.  In addition to that I really enjoyed being with the soccer team of MVI and LVI on Wednesday afternoons, not forgetting my lovely German Club on Thursdays.

The integration and co-operation I have experienced from everyone at B.R.A. has been exemplary.  I am also very proud of being a part of a school whose pupils are the elite of Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.  If I look at the goals, which I formulated in my application letter to B.R.A., I am more than satisfied to see that I achieved even more.

The possibilities B.R.A. offered me are invaluable.  So I am very happy to hear that there will be others after me, who will get the same opportunity.

Therefore and of course for the last 6 months I would like to thank all of you, the students, the teachers, the staff and especially the Department of Modern Languages and Mr. Porter for making my stay here so special!

“Hope to see you in a wee bit!”

Vielen lieben Dank und hoffentlich bis bald!

Euer Lukas


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