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NI SKILLS Event – Titanic Exhibition Centre

On the 20th November 2019, 20 of our Form V pupils went along to the Skills Northern Ireland event at the Titanic Exhibition Centre.  Interactive and inspiring, this event was aimed at 14-19 year olds to help them decide on how to achieve the career of their dreams.  Pupils were encouraged to make good decisions based on impartial information and advice about their future.

There were over 80 organisations from top employers, training providers, colleges, universities to career sector companies who were keen to tell pupils about the opportunities they have on offer.

Other show features included:

  • Get Skilled Stands – Utilities, Catering, Hospitality and Catering, Computing and Engineering and Agriculture.
  • Ambassador Hub
  • Careers Zone
  • Live Opportunities Board

Royal Navy Engagement Team

The Royal Navy Engagement Team were in school on the 7 November 2019.  They ran a series of cookery demonstrations with several classes.  Pupils were taught to make Gnocchi Bolognese.  The chef spoke to them about life in the Navy, career opportunities and about his own experience.  The pupils thoroughly enjoyed tasting the dish.  They also ran leadership and team building activities with several classes and gave several presentations about careers in the Navy.  The pupils thoroughly enjoyed all these activities.

NI Apprenticeship Showcase at W5

On 7 November 2019 twenty of our Form 4 pupils travelled to W5 to take part in the NI Apprenticeship Showcase.  This event aimed to encourage students to think autonomously about their prospective post-16 educational choices whilst highlighting apprenticeship programmes as an inviting alternative to traditional academic routes into employment, along with keen communication focusing on the value of choosing a STEM related discipline. This message was  demonstrated by critical insights from keynote speakers, practical STEM demonstrations that highlighted imperative education-to-employment skills, and student-employer networking engagement sessions that outlined first hand perspectives of the apprenticeship journey from leading NI STEM companies.

The event was keen to showcase the diverse range and growing number of apprenticeship schemes that are on offer within Northern Ireland, and to enrich the minds of the students aiding them in their understanding that they have more than one route into employment.

Companies such NIE, BT, Bombardier, Almac, PwC, Graham construction and CITI were in attendance.

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