Belfast Royal Academy - founded 1785




Our core subject is LATIN which is taught from Form 1 upwards to GCSE, AS and A2 levels.

The study of Latin has many benefits for pupils:

  • it enhances their command of language by requiring them to pay close attention to the relationships between concepts and the words and structures used to express them
  • it increases their understanding of English and of language in general

The study of Latin and Classical Civilisation has many benefits for pupils:

  • they develop their powers of observation, abstraction and analysis of information, judgement and communication
  • they develop tolerant but not uncritical attitudes towards customs and practices unlike their own
  • they develop a European awareness through an understanding of their culture and linguistic heritage
  • they develop an open and sympathetic attitude towards the past and the unfamiliar
  • they develop a critical and reflective understanding of the world in which they live
  • they kindle their imagination through contact with the Classical world and stimulate a personal response
  • they introduce them to significant aspects of the historical, political and philosophical thought of the Classical period
  • they introduce them to a selection of the major achievements of the Romans (and Greeks) in such fields as literature, art, architecture, science, medicine, technology and law

CLASSICAL GREEK is taught on a voluntary basis outside the timetable to interested pupils in Forms 1 to Middle 6 in a lunchtime club.

In Forms 1, 2 and 3 Latin we follow the Cambridge Latin Course. At GCSE, AS and A2 levels we follow the courses set by OCR and WJEC Examinations.

After A2 Level

Many of our pupils who pursue Latin to A2 level take up related courses at university ranging from full Classics to Ancient History, Classical Civilisation and Archaeology.