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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is the composite term that refers to the total range of discrete and integrated activities provided the Careers Department, subject specialists and other agencies available to develop the necessary career management and employability skills pupils will need to make them employable. These activities and resulting skills will allow our pupils to make informed choices and decisions which will affect their future education, training and employment.

All aspects of CEIAG are considered very important for each pupil’s school experience. The provision reflects the school ethos which encourages each pupil to have high aspirations and achieve their full potential. High importance is placed on individual guidance and provision of experiences of a variety of workplaces and professions.

All activities organised and planned follow the overall objective of enabling learners to become effective career decision makers, empowered to manage their own career development successfully, confidently and with due respect and care for their own needs, those of others and of their wider communities. The three aims encouraged are:

Aim 1: Self-Awareness and Development – identifying, assessing and developing the skills and qualities necessary for our pupils to choose and implement an appropriate career plan.

Aim 2: Career Exploration – acquiring and evaluating information, and reviewing experiences to identify and investigate appropriate career pathways and learning opportunities in education, training and employment, locally, nationally and internationally.

Aim 3: Career Management – developing skills in career planning, and employing effective career decision-making strategies to manage transition and make suitable career development choices, with the appropriate support, advice and guidance.